Cheese Reviews: Thomasville Tomme

Disclaimer: I’m not being paid to write about any of these products, I just happen to really like them!

I honestly know nothing about cheesemaking in the southeastern U.S., despite growing up there—which is why I was utterly delighted to find out about Thomasville Tomme. Made at Sweet Grass Dairy in Thomasville, Georgia, this is a raw cow’s milk cheese modeled after a French Pyrenees mountain style tomme. It comes as a smaller 5-6 lb wheel, with a mottled white and brown natural rind that smells like a humid stone cellar. The wheel is aged for roughly 60 days and has an ivory colored, semi-soft, eye-studded paste.

And I’m happy to report it’s quite delicious. The flavors start buttery and salty, move to delicate hints of earthiness (it rang of mushrooms to me), and end on a more mineral tang with lingering saltiness. It’s a delectable French-style table cheese and goes perfectly well on its own on a cheese or charcuterie board.

However I can’t leave well enough alone, so let’s talk about the pairings I used. After a brief search I decided to try Thomasville Tomme with some wildflower honey and flavored toasts I had found. The toasts contained dried apricots, pistachios, and sunflower seeds, originally meant to pair with French goat cheeses. Sweetness and crunch! What a nice addition to a mild, creamy, complex cheese. While the honey and toasts complemented the buttery and salty notes, I also found that they overwhelmed the earthy flavors to the point of them being almost indistinguishable.

The cheese has enough going on and, in truth, did not really need the extras I gave it. If I could have this cheese again, I would stick to simple water crackers and earthy wines or hoppy pale ales. The cheese’s profile is delicate and I want to be able to savor all the flavors! Thomasville Tomme is a proud American cheese that can carry itself with dignity.

Thomasville Tomme with honey
There’s just something about cheese and honey…

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