Stardew Valley Recipes: Traditional Strawberry Ice Cream

This recipe represents a more traditional style of ice cream that requires a machine for proper churning. The eggs aren’t technically necessary, but I prefer the the richness they give the base; I also favor them for this version because it’s a variation on the ice cream recipe I learned in culinary school.

Stardew Valley Recipes: No-machine Matcha Lime Ice Cream

This ice cream method is probably the closest to the game, ingredients-wise. There’s only two elements: heavy whipping cream, which provides the fat which gives the ice cream its traditional smooth mouthfeel, and sweetened condensed milk, which provides the sugar that interrupts the production of ice crystals and makes the ice cream easier to scoop.

Stardew Valley Recipe: Evelyn’s Cookies

Evelyn always reminds me of spring and summer, when she can be seen tending the flowerbeds all over Pelican Town. A renowned local baker, she gives you her secret recipe for her famous cookies after you reach a 4-heart relationship with her, and it immediately evokes the flavors and feelings of warmer months and old-fashioned tastes.

Stardew Valley Recipe: Parsnip Soup

This is the first recipe Caroline sends you when you reach a high enough relationship with her. She appears to be a big fan of vegetable gardening and champions how wonderful it is to cook with your own home-grown produce. She is, admittedly, not wrong.

Cheese Reviews: Sophelise

Sophelise is a pasteurized milk cheese from Cricket Creek Farm in Massachusetts that comes in roughly 9 ounce wheels—perfect for a small party or an indulgent meal for two (or one, no judgment).

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