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Hello there!  I’m Rachael and I want to share my love of food with all of you.  This blog is a way to talk about my passion for geeky media and, of course, cheese.  I’ve had an interest in cooking since I was a kid; I’d stay up late watching the original Japanese Iron Chef television series while my family snored on the couch, and I’d show my parents recipe ideas inspired by what I saw watching cooking shows.

My fascination took a back seat until college when I was given a chance to cook with friends and study abroad in Morocco for a semester, and I discovered that preparing and eating food felt fun.  Even when I finished college and went on to graduate school, my obsession remained and I eventually left my grad program to attend culinary school for my pastry certificate.

One of my jobs after culinary school had me send out biweekly original recipes to a customer email list.  I enjoyed it, and after reading about people replicating their favorite recipes from video games, shows, movies, and books, I started developing my own ideas.  This blog is the result. While some of the recipes have more difficult techniques or hard-to-find ingredients, I try to keep everything as accessible as possible so you too can have a little slice of geek life in your kitchen.  I’m always open to video game, book, movie, or television show recipe suggestions; if there’s one recipe idea you’ve been clamoring for, let me know in a comment!

As for the cheese?  After culinary school I accidentally fell both into cheesemongering and in love with artisanal cheese.  Like baking (and cooking in general), cheese and cheesemaking represent a delicate balance of art, history, and science and there is always something new to learn.

Once I realized that cheese could be just this delectable and complex, I decided I wanted to spread the gospel of good cheese to as many people as possible. I even briefly interned at Culture Cheese Magazine to practice writing about cheese and published an interview or two.  The attempt to reach people and introduce them to new curds and wheels they may never have heard of before became my cheese reviews!

And since people always ask, my favorite cheeses tend to be soft washed rinds like Epoisses de Bourgogne.  Gotta love that savory, stinky funk.

If you’re interested in working with me, collaborating with me, or having me talk about cheese with your favorite folks, please feel free to contact me at geeksandgouda@gmail.com.

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