Stardew Valley Recipe: Evelyn’s Cookies

Evelyn always reminds me of spring and summer, when she can be seen tending the flowerbeds all over Pelican Town. A renowned local baker, she gives you her secret recipe for her famous cookies after you reach a 4-heart relationship with her, and it immediately evokes the flavors and feelings of warmer months and old-fashioned tastes.

Stardew Valley Recipe: Parsnip Soup

This is the first recipe Caroline sends you when you reach a high enough relationship with her. She appears to be a big fan of vegetable gardening and champions how wonderful it is to cook with your own home-grown produce. She is, admittedly, not wrong.

Cheese Reviews: Sophelise

Sophelise is a pasteurized milk cheese from Cricket Creek Farm in Massachusetts that comes in roughly 9 ounce wheels—perfect for a small party or an indulgent meal for two (or one, no judgment).

Cheese Reviews: Thomasville Tomme

I honestly know nothing about cheesemaking in the southeastern U.S., despite growing up there—which is why I was utterly delighted to find out about Thomasville Tomme. Made at Sweet Grass Dairy in Thomasville, Georgia, this is a raw milk cow cheese modeled after a French Pyrenees mountain style tomme.

Stardew Valley Recipe: Stir Fry

As a cook I'm lucky that the stir fry has some descriptors to give some direction for the flavor profile. We'll keep it simple: ginger and garlic as a base, sesame oil for subtle nutty flavors, and soy sauce and cornstarch as the base for the sauce.

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