Cheese Reviews: Jasper Hill Harbison

Despite being a naughty, spoonable, almost fondue-like cheese, Jasper Hill’s Harbison has surprisingly wholesome origins. Originally named for Anne Harbison, a resident of Jasper Hill Farm’s hometown in Vermont and nicknamed the Grandmother of Greensboro, Harbison is a soft-ripened, bloomy-rinded cheese made from the farm’s own pasteurized Ayrshire cows’ milk and wrapped in spruce bark harvested from the local land.

Cheese Reviews: Sophelise

Sophelise is a pasteurized milk cheese from Cricket Creek Farm in Massachusetts that comes in roughly 9 ounce wheels—perfect for a small party or an indulgent meal for two (or one, no judgment).

Cheese Reviews: Thomasville Tomme

I honestly know nothing about cheesemaking in the southeastern U.S., despite growing up there—which is why I was utterly delighted to find out about Thomasville Tomme. Made at Sweet Grass Dairy in Thomasville, Georgia, this is a raw milk cow cheese modeled after a French Pyrenees mountain style tomme.

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